Our computer-controlled machines allow us to take on projects that require tight tolerances and a high level of repeatability. We have extensive experience with CAD, and can either draw parts from blueprints or take them from an electronic file (our plasma machines accept .NC1, .dwg, and .dxf files, and our drill line and angle line accept .NC1 files). If you think our steel-forming capabilities could be useful in your project, please contact us so we can learn about your project goals.

Plate cutting

Plate cutting is one of our specialties. We currently have two plasma machines (a Voortman V304 and a Voortman V310), which allow us to process material from 16 gauge to 4” in thickness, with widths up to 11’ and lengths up to 42’.

Our machines are computer-controlled and offer several specialized features. For example, our V310 machine has a drill head that can drill holes up to 1 5/8” in diameter (using a plasma torch to drill small diameter holes is either not technologically possible or results in a poor hole finish). Our machines also have beveling capabilities, which makes weld prep work significantly easier.


We have a good deal of experience in plate bending, having done jobs ranging from stair pans to highly custom jobs with multiple bending angles (see the steel “curb” pictured at the bottom that we made for the Bethlehem SteelStacks). We have two press brakes — an Accurpress with 300-ton capacity and a Baykal with 500-ton capacity. Our Baykal brake is also equipped with a WILA Crowning system, which allows for a very consistent bending angle across the entire length of material. We can bend 1/2’’ material at 13’ or 5/8” material at 10’ in length.


Shearing is typically used for thin gauge material. Our Accurshear can handle stock from 26 gauge through 1/2’’ thick, and up to 10’ in length. Thicker or longer material is processed on our plasma machines.


Our Voortman V600 beam drilling machine can drill, tap, countersink, and center mark beams up to 40” in width and 65’ in length. Because this process is computer-controlled, drilling jobs can be completed faster and with better tolerances than would be possible with a handheld magnetic drill.


A semi-automatic bandsaw and conveyer roller system allow us to cut material up to 65’ in length, 30’’ in width, and 20’’ in height. We regularly cut beams, pipes, tubes, channels, angles, and rebar to size for our customers.

Angle fabrication

We have an angled line by Controlled Automation that performs shearing and punching operations. The machine can process angles up to 6”x6”x1/2’’, and has a slot capacity of 1 1/16’’ x 1 1/2’’. Processing angles with this machine is not only significantly faster than using a center punch and ironworker, but it is also more accurate and repeatable.